Digital Curriculum FAQs

What is Digital Curriculum?

Digital curriculum simply refers to Design and implementation of any course curriculum for the digital mediums (Computers, Tablets, Mobile Phones etc).

What are the benefits of converting existing curriculum for the Digital Devices

The benefits of going digital are many. It helps students to understand the concepts rather than rote learning. The interactive multi-choice quiz programs with instant result and maintaining progress graphs builds motivation for the students. Animations and videos builds the concepts and keep the students' interest in their studies.

Once the course gone digital, several tasks can be automated, such as remote assignments and their automatic evaluation and what more, online record maintenance.

Beside adding value to the educational institution, a paper free green environment save cost of printed material every year.

Can you convert our school curriculum on digital devices?

Yes sure, it is our mission to convert school course curriculum on digital devices. We have higher level of expertise that is required for digital course curriculum creation, modification and conversion. We are aiming to convert all the school curriculum to modern digital devices so the students actually learn and understand the concepts and take interest in their studies.

What projects are you currently working on?

We are currently working on digital conversion of the course curriculum for the 9th and 10th grade students. The curriculum is equipped with multiple choice quiz programs, Animations and videos.

How much does it cost to convert a school course curriculum?

The process of cost calculation is interactive and ongoing and can’t answer until completion of project feasibility.

Making an estimate about the required work differs a lot within different institutions. Some institutions only require to embed certain number of animations and videos in their existing systems while others may require fairly complex solution from scratch. As we add more features, more man-hours involves that effect the project cost.

How long does it take to convert a subject to digital medium

Time depends on scope of the project. Generally we have to compose the books all over from scratch, yet it helps if you already have it in any digital format (word, pdf etc).

What will you require from us?

We will require you to give us your time, so the scope of project is finalized and the project feasibility is made. We will also require the curriculum material upon contract signing of the project.

What is your communication medium for overseas clients?

We communicate through all those VOIP based services that suits best to our clients.

Does time zone difference affects communication?

Time zone difference affects communication if it isn't managed. We solve it by agreeing on a time slot that suits both parties even before starting the project. We also pre-schedule meetings on daily, weekly and biweekly basis, so the risk of miscommunication reduces to the least.