Consonant Words! – 3 Letter CVC Words App for Kindergarten

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Consonant Words! – 3 Letter CVC Words App for Kindergarten

Knowing the consonant and vowels are the essential steps after learning the sequence of the alphabet. While building vocabulary and pronunciation build confidence, the hands-on experience with consonants and vowels boost phonetic, reading, and writing skills. The consonant words app allows kids to learn and pronounce the mixed expressions of the two and three-letter phrases.

The time-consuming paper flashcards and exercises will make your kids bored and disengage from blended learning. The Consonant Words app brings fun and the interaction of grasping two and three-letter phrases on the go. The convenient way of using this tool helps to enhance pronunciation. It engages a fun learning routine in one complete app. The all-in-one app helps your kids to learn the consonants and vowels at their fingertips.

What is a Consonant?

An in-depth grasp of consonants and vowels is vital for kids to demonstrate the alphabet after knowing the sequence. Once your child learns the alphabet, kids will be able to understand the concepts of blended learning with forming vowels and consonants. 

A consonant is the letter of the alphabet that represents the basic sound. It is produced by obstructing the breath in the vocal tract. All the remaining alphabet letters except the vowels are consonant letters. 

The combination of vowels and consonants forms a word in which the Consonant Word app comprises essential functions that help your kids to engage in building phrases with ease. The app saves from working on long and tedious activities and promotes an eco-friendly learning lesson. The accessibility and convenience make it easy to pick up and memorize the words quickly.

Vowel and Consonant Charts – CVC Learning Methods are Difficult, and Here is Why?

The tedious way of printing flashcards constantly is a waste of paper and harms Mother nature. The paper flashcards make it difficult for kids to learn and engage in the Vowels and Consonant Charts. Kids love to learn CVC pattern words with bright images, making them accessible and quick to understand.

Since paper-based flashcards are time-consuming and lack fun, the CVC Three Letter Word app consists of accessible functions. It helps to keep your child busy and enjoys the blended learning of Consonant Vowel Consonant.

What Makes Vowel and Consonant Charts Words App Stands Out from Other Educational Tools?

The app is excellent for teaching your kids at home or in the classroom, where it marks an effective way of reinforcing the concepts in their homes. With accessible functions saves from repetitive tasks and keeps your child more engaging than printed sheets. It protects the hassle of fumbling the app and gives your child a one-tap position. 

The educational app is simple and works by dragging the letter to the box and the two-letter phrases to form a three-letter word. The app provides 14 categories and 84 essential terms to create phrases on the go. Your child will enjoy this app and has a phonetic sound to know how the letter and words are pronounced! It will sharpen your kids’ speaking. The short activities in each category help your child build new phrases without instructions. 

This app stands out from the rest by providing a combination of real-life pictures and illustrations of each word to make it easy to understand. Once the word forms, the image appears to know what it looks like and how it sounds. Your child will not get confused between illustrated and real-life photos!

The app provides a reward system that has a five-star system to achieve forming words. Once your child completes the level, a star is given for excelling at the next level. The continuous practice of building words at each level allows your child to be more confident in reading and enhancing writing skills. The app makes perfect use for kindergarten level and is usable at home.

Essential Features

  • 14 Categories 84 Essential Words
  • Teacher Proofread Content
  • High-Quality Images
  • Studio Quality Voiceover
  • Stars for progress tracking
  • Interactive & Animated 
  • Clean & Attractive Interface

Track Your Students / Kids’ Progress With The Vowel and Consonant Words App

The app provides a trackable function where you can track your child’s progress based on the number of levels they have finished. The five-star system allows your child to achieve the target and gives practice for building more vocabulary quickly. 

The zero interference allows your child to utilize the app without distractions and saves from interrupted adverts. Your kid will enjoy using this app with peace! 

The app consumes a minimal amount of disk space. It can store in the device for as long as required. It is highly recommended to practice the ads-free and purchase the complete app to ensure a better understanding of word formation.

The App is available for free on IOS and Android.

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