Why Are Shapes Important in Life? | Importance of Shapes Explained

Why Are Shapes Important in Life?

In the vast tapestry of existence, one might overlook the omnipresence of shapes in our daily lives. Yet, they are the invisible threads that weave the fabric of our reality, creating a cohesive visual and conceptual order. From the circular sun that lights up our world, the square windows that frame our views, to the […]

When Should Toddler Know Colors and Shapes?

Shapes and colors are important parts of kids’ skill sets. At the point when your kid starts differentiating between blue squares from yellow ones. That, is the moment your toddler should know colors and shapes? They are learning more than bends, corners, and colors. They understanding the world and building up the capacity to convey […]

The List of Geometric Shapes App

Before we disclose our secret. We have to tell you about the immense benefits of teaching your kids about shapes. Instead of a list of geometric shapes, let kids swipe to the next shape. Geometric Shapes help in Maths A strong understanding of shapes can help preschoolers better recognize the numbers and the way they […]

Shape recognition activities for kindergarten kids

5 Best shape recognition activities for kindergarten kids! It is best to keep your toddler engaged because childhood is the time of exponential learning. You can not and should not make your child sit in a corner with a book in their hand. You need to teach them in an interactive way. So the team […]