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How to avoid Ineffective Teaching

Posted on: 31 Aug 2020

WHAT IS INEFFECTIVE TEACHING? Teachers often play an important part in the life of kids.  You could be wondering how? A student, especially kindergartners often look up to teachers. As it’s their first time learning out of the house, first time meeting new people on their own. The first experience leaves a very strong impact […]

5 Best Number Activities for Preschoolers

Posted on: 20 Aug 2020

In your life, you could have heard students describing their fear for maths. Psychologically, our personality likes, and dislikes often resides near our childhood. Preschooling is the first step towards education in a child’s life. A fun way of learning can often make your kids develop interest. Hence, you can give your preschoolers a strong […]

Number Recognition Assessment of Toddlers

Posted on: 07 Aug 2020

Number recognition assessment is the same as ABC. But much more fun! For your kids. Probably you as well. It is for me though. Number recognition starts at a very early age. As early as stuffing their mouth with candies is. The moment they recognize the importance of counting. They tail you around the house […]

Importance of Number Recognition Worksheets

Posted on: 07 Aug 2020

Why use Number Recognition Worksheets? Number Recognition is the first step in kindergarten. The majority of the preschooler already know about the concept. Thank their parents. However, it is still considered as the key part of any kindergarten curriculum. Preschoolers are assessed regarding their knowledge of number recognition. Either verbally or using worksheets. Number recognition […]

Why are Shapes Important in Life?

Posted on: 07 Aug 2020

Importance of shapes Learning shapes not just assists kids with distinguishing and sort out visual data, it causes them to learn abilities in other educational program regions including reading, math, and science. For instance, an early advance in understanding numbers and letters is to perceive their shape. Here are a few reasons to answer the […]

How to Teach Alphabet Letters?

Posted on: 07 Aug 2020

The Alphabet letters From start to finish This may appear the clearest approach to show students the English alphabet letters set. Beginning toward the start. However, working from a to z isn’t really the most ideal way. Working through the letter set like this can be very exhausting for students. Moreover, they’ve normally lost concentration […]

How to Teach Consonant Letters to Toddlers?

Posted on: 06 Aug 2020

Teaching Consonant Letters to Toddlers! We’ve all found out about consonants and a large portion of us can name them. We additionally realize how to absolutely suitable sounds. In any case, what are consonants precisely? A consonant is a sound of discourse that is not equivalent to a vowel. It alludes to the letters of […]

Alphabet Letter Identification Assessment

Posted on: 06 Aug 2020

Letter Identification Assessment What does your toddler think about letters? Which letters would they be able to distinguish? Despite the fact that studies have demonstrated that toddlers don’t have to know the names of all letters before they start understanding books, realizing letters causes them to speak with you and one another. Having the option […]

Reading tips for parents of preschoolers

Posted on: 06 Aug 2020

Reading with your preschooler is an essential bonding activity. Your child learns from you how to explore the world of imagination and creativity. When it comes to reading with preschoolers. It is important that you learn how to read with you and dos and don’t to this activity. So here are few reading tips for […]

How to Encourage Reading Habits in Kids?

Posted on: 05 Aug 2020

Children can begin growing great reading propensities at home even before they figure out how to peruse. Here are 8 tips on How to Encourage Reading Habits in Kids? 1. Make reading a daily habit. From the day your infant comes home, you can begin raising a reader. Infants react to the alleviating notes of […]

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