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4 Great Tips on How to Teach Numbers to Kindergarten

Posted on: 22 Jun 2020

Teaching numbers to kids is a tricky task. Most of the time they reject this foreign concept or throw a tantrum if you try to make them sit through a ‘fixed’ lecture. 123 recognition is an essential skill that is important for kindergarten kids. Therefore, to help out new parents and kindergarten teachers, we have […]

A step-by-step guide on how to handle an aggressive preschooler

Posted on: 19 Jun 2020

You often might feel like an awful parent. When your preschooler throws a tantrum or behaves in an extremely questionable way. Yes, we all have been there and done that. kindergarten kids often develop in various aspects and some happen to be ‘extreme reactors’ while some children are easy going. As a parent, it is […]

Cool maths games for kindergarten kids

Posted on: 18 Jun 2020

Teaching your kids mathematical skills is a really tiring and uphill task. Most of the time new parents struggle at coming up with new innovative ideas. So that their children find the concept of math easy and digestible. We were so confused at this part as well. How to make math seem like a fun […]

Why use flashcards app for preschooler

Posted on: 17 Jun 2020

what are flashcards? A flashcard is a card with information on it, used for memorizing. Flashcard app applies the same concept on a digital interface, making this an altogether phenomenal teaching methodology. I’ll explain why the flashcards app is the best way to teach your preschooler from the start.   Why use flashcards app? Studies […]

The top 4 alphabet recognition assessment activities

Posted on: 16 Jun 2020

Kindergarten kids are very hard to tackle. I can not imagine asking one to give me a test regarding how their ABCs are going. The tantrum they throw! anything to avoid that. That is why I have compiled 4 best, fail-safe, and fun alphabet recognition assessments that you can use to check if your kid […]

Homeschooling Pros and Cons

Posted on: 16 Jun 2020

The homeschooling debate? This has been a long-sought debate of the pros and cons of homeschooling. From someone who has experienced both on their extremes, I can compile an unbiased review of this scenario, however, you are the better judge of it. Here are the pros and cons of homeschooling compiled in one place for […]

Shape recognition activities for kindergarten kids

Posted on: 15 Jun 2020

5 Best shape recognition activities for kindergarten kids! It is best to keep your toddler engaged because childhood is the time of exponential learning. You can not and should not make your child sit in a corner with a book in their hand. You need to teach them in an interactive way. So the team […]

Easy ways to learn times tables for kids

Posted on: 15 Jun 2020

Let us start with the fact that there are no easy ways to learn times tables for kids. BUT! Being good at math is not something you are born with. It is something that you learn as a child. You need to move on with the mindset that all ways are easy. There are no […]

Importance of classic nursery rhymes

Posted on: 15 Jun 2020

A newborn innately has a sharp sense of hearing as it can be seen that loud noise or sound of strangers puts them off and make them upset. The same way songs and nursery rhymes calm a baby and also help them recognize words and alphabets faster. Thus Classic nursery rhymes are extremely important for […]

How to teach your kids fruit and vegetable benefits

Posted on: 12 Jun 2020

Teaching your picky eaters the benefits of fruits and vegetables helps them a lot with developing eating habits that are healthier. Here are some tips and tricks on how to teach them these benefits. 1. Fruit of the day Assign a fruit of the day and let each child tell what they think about it. […]

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