App Store Apps FAQs

How many devices can I install your apps?

If you have more than one apple device (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), you can easily restore purchased apps on your secondary devices. Apple provides restore previous purchases to as many as 5 devices to be used with one Apple ID.

What is your Money Refund policy?

All of our apps either are completely free or free to try with limited functionality. You can download and perform thorough testing before making any purchase decision. Once the purchase is made the transaction is done on Appstore's platform, which developers have no control over it and they cannot proceed with reverse transaction. Therefore we do not offer any money refund for any of our apps.

I have accidentally deleted one of your app. Do I need to purchase again?

Absolutely NOT, you can restore the app with the same Apple ID, it will not charge you again. Your app will simply be restored.

One of your App is not responding, what should I do?

Try one of these methods, Quit our application, double tap the Home button on your device and quit the running applications. Restart our app and it will work. Its very rare and technically speaking it only happens when you are running out of memory (RAM). If the problem persists please do not hesitate to contact us, we will revert back within 24 hours.