ABC Learning Alphabets Recognition

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ABC Learning Alphabets Recognition

It’s really tricky teaching kids the difference between capital and small letters! The kids often don’t understand the small letters because they had already seen the alphabet in capital forms in many places. Hence, we use ABC Learning Alphabets Recognition that helps alphabet recognition.

To overcome this problem, preschool & Montessori grade teachers adapt many techniques and practices. Moreover, these include small interactive exercises in the form of games.

We’ve combined the proven four alphabet recognition activities in one app. So the kindergarten teachers and parents can help their toddlers to recognize the alphabet’s shape. Not only that, but the app is also rich in features and contains interactive exercises. Thus, that helps the kids to evolve their capability. Moreover, the app also contains alphabet flashcards to fulfill the needs of all.

4 alphabet recognition activities each have multiple levels. Further enhanced with increased/decreased difficulty level as per the child’s progress.

1) Tap the alphabet- ABC Learning Alphabets

Tap the Alphabet is a simple activity that displays 3 alphabets and asks the kids to touch the correct one. However, upon 5 consecutive correct attempts, the level increases and the kid has to choose from more and more alphabets.

2) Drag & Match Alphabets- ABC Learning Alphabets Recognition

It is a simple activity that provides capital and a small alphabet to drag and match. Starting from 2 pairs of alphabets. It further moves on, the activity increase in difficulty as the kid progresses through. Not only that, but the app also encourages kids and motivates them to attempt more. It is always a fun activity for kids to drag and match the objects.

3) Collect the cards-ABC Learning Alphabets Recognition

Kindergarten teachers regularly perform this activity with printed cards. However, these digital kindergarten worksheets help maintain your kid’s attention. To save from constant printing. Furthermore, to ensure earth-friendliness and save the print done per page. Therefore, holiday educationist decided to craft all such content on a digital platform.

Kids are asked to collect the capital & small letter of the given alphabet in a box. Moreover, as the child progresses through, the level of difficulty increases, and the kid has to choose the pairs from a wider range of alphabets.

4) Alphabet Kindergarten worksheets-ABC Learning Alphabets Recognition

The app is extremely helpful for kindergarten and preschool teachers’ regular class resource requirements. Furthermore, kids are required to complete the match in the box where 1 letter is already provided. Upon consecutive successful attempts, the level of difficulty increases.

Why chose kindergarten ABC Learning Alphabets Recognition?

a.    Different Levels!
b.    Similar, random, or greyscale colors for the alphabets.
c.    Suitable font (4 kindergarten education fonts are provided)
d.    Colorful vs White background option
e.    3 attractive background music.

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ABC Learning Alphabets Recognition -Available at both  IOS and Android.

Download Alphabets Recognition Activity Book Now

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