• Das Bunte ABC (Alphabetische Lernkarten für Kindergartenkinder)
  • Das Bunte ABC (Alphabetische Lernkarten für Kindergartenkinder)
  • Das Bunte ABC (Alphabetische Lernkarten für Kindergartenkinder)
  • Colorful ABC English Alphabet Flashcards for kids
A to Z Reading | Alphabet Flashcard for Kindergarten Kids

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A to Z Reading | Alphabet Flashcard for Kindergarten Kids

Study uncovers that kids get a handle on and adapt the path before they start talking! All tangible information encourages them to build up their language and intellectual capacities. Language is the initial innovate a young person and we as a full beginning with A to Z reading ABC APP.

Kids start seeing ABC early and may sing or state so anybody may hear the “ABC” tune. Besides, by age 3: Kids might even see an enormous segment of the letters within the letter set and begin to relate letters to their sounds. (Preferences make the/s/sound.) By age 4: Kids consistently know all the letters of the letters all at once and their correct solicitation.

Beautiful ABC may be a Flash Cards App, containing the proper measure of undistracted data to help with remembering the letters in order’s shapes delayed for offspring of 8 months to five years.

A to Z reading ABC from the Start!

Kids recognize colours and shapes from day 1. Which helped us lay down the foundation for our app! Kids easily pick up from the stimulus provided and learn using the A to Z reading ABC app! The colours and music help make it fun and thrilling!

A to Z reading ABC APP is that the Drill!

Learning ABC is a task that most parents often find too difficult to do. Holiday Educationist uses a strategy of memory retention with simultaneous stimulus for children!

Key Features of A to Z reading ABC APP!

  • Chose your favourite font!
  • Zero interruption
  • A huge choice of colours
  • Capital and small letters
  • Movement choice for small child’s eye-catching
  • Delicate ambient melodies choice
  • Shading trade choice for letters
  • Preferably biggest conceivable screen
  • 3 Voiceovers for all letters
  • ABC letters so as a sheet with 3 ABC Songs
  • Superior quality substance for retina show
  • Swipe left/right signal to explore between letters

Download for free! A to Z reading ABC APP

Available on IOS and Android ! and Microsoft as well!

Download Colorful ABC Now

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