A for Words List-Vocabulary for Kids!

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A for Words List-Vocabulary for Kids!

Want your kids to learn new words? having a difficult time figuring out what is the best possible solution out of this. Have you tried telling them names of everyday items but they just don’t remember it? a for words list? Wondering what words are best to teach?

We have been through this way before. That is why we came up with a brilliant idea. And you know how we did it? Kids these days love watching TV or Mobile apps, we just integrated the information we want our children to learn in our apps. However, it is all designed for our children’s liking. The words are all new and intriguing. When they tap the picture. The image depicts the sound relevant to that image. Like a Lion roaring!

A for Words List-Vocabulary for Kids with Pictures!

Each letter has around 6 images relevant to the respective word. Like the A for Words list will have words with A! such as Alligator and a scary picture of one! Because they surely scare me A LOT!

A for Words List-Vocabulary for Kids! with Sounds!

It is extremely important for our kids to know what is the correct way to pronounce these words. We don’t want them to learn these new words and mumbling jumbling them in all the wrong manner! To fix that problem when you will tap on any image on the a for words list, such as apple! It will tell your kids how to actually say it properly! Because phonation is important!

A for Words List-Vocabulary for Kids! Vocabulary Song!

Our application isn’t just restricted to English! When we said global. We meant Global! Our amazing application is available in 6 languages! Do you know what that means? You can teach your kids other languages as well! Follow through our other applications to build a foundation in up to 6 languages!

A for Words List-Vocabulary for Kids! Words!

Children these days are really smart. Quicker than us! They pick up information at a faster rate than we did. I clearly remember being busy eating paper when I was 4 years old! hahaha! But kids these days. Boy! they learn fast. Set them up with a good learning app and you’ll hear them saying words you’ll be amazed to hear.

A for Words List-Vocabulary for Kids! with Sound Effects!

As you see we always love doing things with some blast! Fun and Excitement is in our core fundamentals. We want our kids to enjoy learning not to dread it like we used to do. Be its list of a words or b words! or even math! Our kids Loved learning using mobile apps. Why is that so? As smart as kids these days are we know all kids have one weakness. And that is the Games!!! All our apps have a game-based interface to encourage a competitive spirit!

Beginning to end Vocabulary for 2 to 3-year kids

This app has the standard additional vocabulary words needed for kids of this particular age!

Preschool and Homeschooling

Homeschooling? That’s what we did! And trust me they turned out better than us and we were schooled!

Download on your telephone/tablet.

Our app is available on IOS, Android, and even Microsoft!

Available for IOS and Android.

Download Alphabets Letters with Pictures Vocabulary Words Now

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