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1234-For Kids | Numbers Flashcards

Download 123 for Kids | Numbers Flashcards Now

1234-For Kids | Numbers Flashcards

1234-For Kids is a Numbers Flashcards App, which is carefully crafted fo toddlers to learn numbers and their importance. Moreover, 1234-For Kids | Numbers Flashcards especially takes care of the needs of parents as an instructor and help them facilitate the learning process.

Why 1234-For Kids | Numbers Flashcards?

1234-For Kids | Numbers Flashcards ingrain the state of numbers and their significant significance since early on. Thus, it is the most kid-friendly counting flashcards for little children and preschoolers. That is why, you should simply, download it for free in the link given below! Open it and offer it to your little children. Your baby will learn all alone!

1234 For Kids is planned to rehearse as a learning math drills. Thus helps retention by the method of the divided redundancy learning procedure and exercise the psychological procedure of dynamic review. Moreover, it assists in building fixation and intellectual abilities.

The significance considering the way that these thoughts build up the system for kids. Which causes them to develop an appreciation. For example, five is two more than three, and one under six. Children normally have some thought of extra; Using such game-based applications helps improve their insight and idea.

Counting 1-100!

The key purpose of mixing of counting is building up kids’ capacity to check. Two limits are required:

  • Capacity to communicate the standard synopsis of including words all together
  • Capacity to encourage each verbally discussed number with one and only a certain something

As the children pro the basic thoughts, we can bit by bit consolidate new thoughts related to Investments in capital markets. Moreover, enhance their criticalness of insurance, cash related things and organizations and sensibility of each, etc. Furthermore, as they get this penchant they will know the estimation of money and start to see successfully about contributing, costs of school, estimation of paid work, plan to purchase their first vehicle and maintain a strategic distance from the commitment.

By working up such affinities in adolescents. They learn and develop incredible penchants around saving, procuring, and spending cautiously, they will realize how money works and why it is fundamental to use it reasonably which will. Moreover, it becomes some part of their step by step lives and an opportunity to have a gathering of individuals yet to happen to adults financially capable.

Key Features of 1234-For Kids | Numbers Flashcards!

  • Different Font Shapes
  • 0 distraction
  • multiple colors
  • Various themes
  • Animation option for toddler’s attention-grabbing
  • Soft background music option
  • Color swap option for letters
  • fits screen perfectly
  • 2 Voiceovers for all numbers
  • songs 1-100 counting
  • HD display
  • Swipe left / right gesture to navigate between letters

1234-For Kids | Numbers Flashcards

Available for free! Download now on IOS and Android.

Download 123 for Kids | Numbers Flashcards Now

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