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123 Games- Number Learning Activities

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123 Games- Number Learning Activities

Developed school education systems use many techniques and practices to enforce the number recognition and counting sequence. Therefore, these practices include small interactive exercises in the form of games. Moreover, exercises sub-consciously teach basic numbers and counting in a fun to learn methodology. And 123 Games- Number Learning Activities covers it all!

We’ve combined the 6 proven techniques (Number recognition activities) bundled in one app so the parents and teachers can help their young ones in early stages. Not only that, but this app is also rich in features and contains interactive exercises that help to involve in the learning process while playing.

123 Games- Number Learning Activities

Recognition Activities!

The names and a brief introduction of the activities are as follows.

▪ Number Flashcards (1-100) ▪ Touch the Number ▪ Drag & Match Numbers ▪  Tap the Crabs ▪  Count the Objects ▪  Catch the Ladybugs

1) Touch the Number

Contact the Number is a straightforward action that at first shows 3 numbers. Later on, requests that the children contact the right one. In addition, upon 5 sequential right endeavors, the level increments and the child needs to browse more and greater numbers.

After broad exploration and investigation of various age gatherings, we made this present application’s amazing computerized reasoning.

2) Catch the Ladybugs

The thought behind this movement is to fortify the current COUNT of the contacted ladybugs. Henceforth, this action begins with 3 ladybugs that are going near. Children will tap them. Over effective gets, the quantity of ladybugs increments to a moderate level. The ladybugs likewise go off-screen, so the expectation and interest help to strengthen the tally.

3) Touch the Crabs-123 Games

This movement is totally like the ladybugs aside from it presents vivified crabs. Subsequently, these eye-catching creatures, for example, crabs and ladybugs are the primary subjects of this application. The two exercises strengthen tallying.

4 ) Count the Objects

This action is a little test. It presents various articles and gives four alternatives to pick their complete check. Later on,  tapping the thing expands the current tally. This little test effectively shows the distinction between number acknowledgment and tallying.

5) Drag and Match Number

This movement gives numbers two by two to drag and match. To make it somewhat simpler or testing, the sets can be allocated comparable or various hues. The numbers show up on the screen in lines or arbitrarily. It is consistently a pleasant movement for adolescents to drag and match the articles. This movement exclusively centers around number acknowledgment exercises.

6) Flashcards

Flashcards utilize the separated redundancy strategy and advances the psychological cycle of dynamic review. Cheat sheets are a useable resource with regards to instructing kids. Open your child to restricted data and let them ingest gradually. Dreary introduction assists with fortifying their memory. We have given some valuable settings to change the hues and textual styles to make them reasonable for one’s needs.

Why use 123 Games- Number Learning Activities by Holiday Educationist.

The app is fairly customizable to suit the need for individual preference. Multiple font options, all of them kid-friendly!

It is a must-have educational app that is provided Free with limited functionality for evaluation.

Ideal app for school and home! Compact app size!

We thank you for your interest to download and evaluate it. We look forward to your input to make the app even better. Please consider supporting us by rating the app and writing a small review. It really helps us to produce new and better apps.


123 Games- Number Learning Activities Available for free on IOS and Android.

Download Numbers Activity Book Now

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