Quarantine with kids

10 games you can play with your kids in Quarantine

Quarantine with kids

Kids are restless. Add a quarantine in this and we have a disaster in the making. It is essential that we indulge our kindergarten kids in productive activities such as learning games and outdoor tasks limited to the garden. So, here are the 10 games our team of expertise at Holiday Educationist has compiled that you can play with your kids while stuck at home, which will keep them occupied with the usual kindergarten activities. Since games are an essential part of a growth that is why we have crafted games that help them learn while being entertained.

1.Scavenger Hunt for kindergarten kids

Craft a scavenger hunt for your kids with goodies and treats that will build up their curiosities and play along with them, confuse them with alternate paths, place clues for the rewards and ask hoScavenger hunt items for kindergarten kidsw they interpret them. Put riddles or ask for tasks relevant to their age i.e. I ask my 3-year-old how a lion roars. Guide them about teamwork!

2.The alphabet charades

The alphabet charades is a tricky game for kids of age 6 onwards. You decide a category i.e. sweet items. Say something sweet you know and the next person says a word with the last alphabet of the word you said. Penalty for the one who can’t say anything. Its a rapid-fire game so hardly 3 seconds are given to think of something. The difficulty can of course be altered with the age group.

3.Count the cars game

Count the car games is an easy trick to make your child learn how to count. Set a goal of a type of car i.e. black cars. Let your child count the number of black cars that pass the window. for a more competitive environment join in and chose a different item, set a time limit. Help your kid if they get stuck at some point.

4.Learning The Table Tag Quarantine Game

The table tag quarantine is a tag game with a twist. Because the person who gets tagged has to tell a specific number’s table like 2,3,4,5,6, etc. The difficulty can be set depending on age. Such games increase children’s’ cognitive abilities and carve such information on the sub-conscious.

5.Dress up with your kids

This never gets old! You have to play dress-up with your kids to let them know that you as well once played this. Dress up as your favorite character or let your child be the hero. This boosts the confidence of your kid. It is a must happen activity in kindergarten. Be the villain and enjoy as your kid feels the need of doing things the way a hero does. This also builds a passion for helping the needy and always stays on the right path.

6. Act your favorite Disney movie

Disney movies are a forever favorite of every kid. Help your kid dress up as their favorite character and act out their part from the movie. This helps build confidence in your kid. Kindergarten kids need such games and plays are an important part of the grooming and character building of your child.

7.Pretend to host a cooking show with your kindergarten kids

Watch tutorials and write a recipe with your kid, Kindergartners love cooking and experimenting! Pretend you’re and hosting a cooking show with your kid and make them the star of the show! If possible record the whole show for a good memory. Let them mix the ingredients! help them stir the pot! Bake a cake or turkey! let your child explore their creativity in the kitchen.

8.Name, Place, Animal, Thing Game

This game is really popular amongst kids! You can tone down the difficulty level for your kids. In the case of kindergartens, you can opt-out the option of writing and just let them think. This game is for kids of 10+ age as they have more vocabulary. To help enhance your kids’ vocabulary we recommend the CVC app.

9.Word Train – kindergarten kids

This game keeps your child occupied and indulged! The difficulty level build-up eventually with good animation. Instead of running around the house, they will sit quietly and let you have the few hours of peace, A toddler’s parents truly deserve.

10. Build a fort with pillows

The all-time favorite game of children is to build a fort and then have a picnic under it. And we suggest you encourage it and be a part of it. Children learn building ethics. You can also make them help you fi the pillows back once they are done playing. It is essential that you be a part of the activities that they enjoy. For them to be part of the activities you enjoy. If you do not listen to the opinions of your kids. Eventually, they will not listen to you either. Therefore, Holiday Educationist experts suggest you to give your children their due time and attention for them to develop into understanding and perceptive adults.

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