fbpx Kindergarten Activity Book for Numbers Learning & recognition

  • kindergarten-teach-learn-numbers-counting-for-kids
  • kindergarten-teach-learn-numbers-counting-for-kids
  • kindergarten-teach-learn-numbers-counting-for-kids
  • kindergarten-teach-learn-numbers-counting-for-kids
  • kindergarten-teach-learn-numbers-counting-for-kids

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Numbers Recognition Activity Book

Among many first things we try to educate our children is the recognition of basic numbers. The kids often doesn’t learn easily the difference of many numbers (e.g. 6 and 9).

To overcome this problem, preschool & Montessori grade teachers adapt many techniques and practices that include small interactive exercises in the form of games. These exercises indirectly stores information in the children’s sub-conscious mind that helps them remember the basic shapes of numbers.

We’ve combined the proven 6 Number recognition activities bundled in one app so the kindergarten teachers and parents can help their toddlers to recognize the numbers. The app is rich in features and contains interactive exercises that helps the kids to involve in the learning process.

There are 6 Number recognition activities, each has multiple levels that increased / decreased as per the child’s progress along with Numbers Flashcards and Numbers song.

•    Touch the Number
•    Touch & Count Ladybugs
•    Count the Objects
•    Drag & Match Numbers
•    Numbers Flashcards
•    Numbers Song

1) Touch the Number

Touch the Number is a simple activity that displays 3 numbers and asks the kids to touch the correct one. Upon 5 consecutive correct attempts, the level increases and the kid has to choose from more and bigger numbers.

The app’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) is designed carefully after repeatedly practicing and and observing behaviour among many children.

With a very few days regular practice of this app can easily remove all the remaining glitches regarding numbers.

This activity is for the kids aged between 2-5 – 5 years old kids

2) Touch & Count Ladybugs
This app is designed to be work in the kids’ sub-conscious mind.

The main idea is that object appear on the screen in a sequence and the kids touch them and the objects are replaced with the Number. Starting with just 1 object, the level of activity increases and the kids touch the objects with great interest. This activity caters for the kids aged between 1.5 – 3 years.

By practicing this activity, the child’s brain automagically memorise the counting sub-consciously.

3 ) Count the Objects
This activity exercise is more like a small quiz to the kids who have already known a bit of numbers and memorised their shapes. Random number of objects are shown in the screen and a few options are provided. The kid tap the right answer and the level of difficulty increases gradually. This activity is specifically designed for the kids aged 3 – 5 years.

4) Drag & Match Numbers
It is a simple activity that provides similar numbers to drag and match. Starting from 2 pairs of numbers, the activity increase in difficulty as the kid progresses through. The app encourages the kids and motivates to attempt more. Its always a fun activity for kids to drag and match the objects.

5) Numbers Flashcards
Study reveals that the kids grasps information long before they starts to speak. Numbers Flashcards are provided for 0.8 – 2.5 years age group children.

6) Numbers Song
Its a beautiful melodious song that keeps the kids interest. Kids play the song repeatedly and as a result they remember the basic counting 0 – 20 with the help of spaced-repetition technique.

This activity is helpful for the kids aged 1.5 – 3.5 years old.

The app is provided completely Free but contains kids-safe advertisements. However it is strongly recommended that you practice the ads-free apps to help your kids to learn. You can buy to remove the ads within the app itself.

Kindergarten Activity book for Numbers learning and recognition is an excellent app for teachers and parents to get their kids familirise with basic numbers.
We at Holiday Educationist have a team of trained & certified teachers onboard to consult and proof-read the apps’ content for the optimum quality assurance. Our apps are provided free to download for evaluation.

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