CVC Learn Spelling 3 Three Letter Words

It has always been in debate that how to teach a child to spell and what kind of worksheets we can give him to practice spelling. There were already several apps, kid spelling games and spelling practice activities online but they all lacked somewhere to be called a perfect method. After going through several problem solving processes, we came up with a brilliant solution which was not addressed elsewhere before. We started with the very first stage to teach spelling to kids which starts soon after the alphabets with phonics learning. In our method to teach, it starts with two letter blending words (At, Ot, En), followed by Spelling Three letter blending CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) Bat, Cat, Rat, Pen etc. These creative method of spelling lessons provides a fun way to learn the spelling for Nursery, Prep grade (3 – 5 years old children). In this “Learn Three 3 Letter Words Spelling” App, we have searched and filtered maximum suitable words and compiled them into an interactive learning app. The app is primarily made for teaching assistance and can be effectively used in the classroom. It is equally good for parents to reinforce the concept in their homes. It not only saves printing, makes all the repetitive tasks automated, but also provides progress monitoring which makes it more effective than printed sheets. The app starts with one of 14 provided categories (Collection of AT, OT, ED Words etc) with a basic animation about how A & T combines to form “AT”. Below you can find the possible letter combinations for drag and match to form the CVC word. As soon as the word is formed and spoken, a corresponding image is shown for better understanding and teaching assistance. The progress of learning individual word can be easily seen as a star is given for every word completion. A maximum of 5 stars are given and then the word is greyed out making it temporarily disabled. This functionality is provided for forcibly excelling to more words. The stars however can be reset to re-enable the greyed out words. The continuous practice of all the words in every category makes the parent / teacher confident about introducing maximum words formation. Clean & animated interface, beautiful relative images, studio quality voiceover and a handful selection of words makes it perfect for an ideal learning app. Salient Features * 14 Categories 84 Essential Words * Teacher Proofread Content * High Quality Images * Studio Quality Voiceover * Stars for progress tracking * Interactive & Animated * Clean & Attractive Interface It is a must have educational app which is provided Free to download as a demo. There are a total of 14 categories with all essential words to practice for kids. It is strongly recommended to practice the ads-free and complete app to ensure a better understanding for words formation. Apart from teaching basic spelling making technique, This app also improves vocabulary and promotes phonetic learning. The app is ideal to be practiced in the classroom and is equally beneficial to be practiced in the home. The app consumes a very small amount of disk space, thus can be kept in the device for as long as required. You can buy the complete Learn 3 Letter Words Improve Spelling App within the app itself. We at “Holiday Educationist” have a team of trained & certified teachers to proofread the apps’ content for the optimum quality assurance.  
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